Manufacturing & Engineering

Services offered by DataQuad for Manufacturing/ Engineering companies are:

  • Customer management software
  • SaaS software
  • ERP software
  • CAD
  • Industrial manufacturing software
  • Advance resource planning solutions
  • Analytics solutions

DataQuad specialises in providing such customized solutions to its clients by understanding the client and keeping those in mind while crafting solutions for the same. Our know-how and experience in the field further adds to our advantage in coming up with solutions that would help your business.

DataQuad’s eBidManager ( is the most advanced, easy to use preconstruction Bid Preparation and Management Software available in the market within its price range. Our Solution is designed for suppliers and distributors in heavy construction industry bidding on state and private projects. Quickly generate, adjust and send out quotes and store information about Items, Assemblies, Divisions and Customers in centralized database.